Thursday, October 22, 2015

Roadside Art RV Update

Wow. RV's are very complicated! We have so much to learn. Top priorities are house batteries and tires. They are very expensive items. We are having John Fort (no relation) put his mechanics to work looking it over. We do know that all the major components work! That's big! May have to rethink living in it during the winter, according to our new bible, the owner's manual. 

The first thing to be eliminated will be the W'04 sticker! Lol. Even if it takes the paint off, it's gone. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our New Home

Soon Brian and I will be making a big move to a small place, from which we hope to see big spaces and beautiful places. For the next six months we will be stationary, but we will be preparing for a nomadic life that will begin next spring. We will spend time getting accustomed to our new home, finding out what works and what needs repaired. We will be tying up loose ends and planning our voyage. I will be working on a website and marketing strategies for my new Painting Roadsides career, while Brian continues his regular job and figures out how all the systems work in our "vintage" dwelling. We both have a lot to work on, but we are excited to be advancing toward our adventure!

Any Journey Begins with a Single Step