Friday, March 20, 2015

New Work - A Time of Discovery

I'm hoping I can continue this blog after I'm on the road as a full-time nomadic painter, but for now I will concentrate on the work I have done in the past year, a time of discovery. 

Two panels I painted.  They can be seen on the Cleveland Zoo Carousel.   
After six years of painting mostly nature/wildlife photo-realistically, I found it difficult to start painting without reference photos as subject matter.  While painting from photographic images under time constraints enhanced my skills in many ways, I became handicapped by my dependance on photo sources. More importantly, I was bored and felt more like an illustrator than a fine artist.
By keeping a journal and asking myself what I really wanted to express, and doing a lot of searching and reading, I feel that I can now climb out of what was comfortable and step out into an odd balance of bravery and vulnerability. This process of leaving six years of painting behind has taken almost a year! I have kept the skills I learned but have abandoned the crutches.

Emerging from Nature    

I have always been drawn to patterns, textures and forms in nature, but I wanted to find a way to be more expressive and evocative. I am focusing more on the process of painting, making the experience more exciting and satisfying for me. No longer required to paint nature realistically, I started thinking more about symbolism and fantasy in my work, which allowed me to paint from within myself. In these paintings, I haven't let go of realism but have begun to add strokes and shapes that feel like they come from within myself. 
On the Wind. On display at Artspace 109 Gallery, 106 N Main St, Mansfield, OH.